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Gemini P801

Automated Security Corp. - Gemini P801 Burglar Alarm SystemGemini P801
 Economical 9 Zone Hybrid

Specialties:  Now with your choice of numeric or custom alpha keypads.

  NAPCO’s new economical 9-Zone Hybrid Gemini P801 Series, sporting your choice of numeric or custom alpha keypads has many innovative features, including programmable EZ-Arm with new One-Touch Stay and Away easy operation. The affordable P801 panel boasts 9 programmable zones, including 2-wire fire, with no zone doubling. Programmable zones on the GEMP801 panel include: 6 hardwire or wireless zones, 2 wireless zones and 1, 2-wire fire zone.

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The original panel package, model # GEMP801, includes the hybrid control, the classic GEM-RP8 backlit numeric designer keypad, and a plug-in transformer. And, new, the deluxe Pak, # GEM-P801ALPHA, consists of the panel, transformer and all new GEM-RP8LCD Custom Alpha Backlit Keypad with 2 Built-in Zones. The K-P801 is the control, transformer and numeric keypad with K-Series Stay and Away keys.

The Gemini P801 Series features 8 user codes and 50 event log. Plus, it supports all the same standard Gemini Transmitters used with other Gemini panels. Wireless transmitter signal strength is also audibly and visually reported right at the keypad. Programming for the panel is easy with the NAPCO PCD-WINDOWS software.

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All Gemini Hybrid Controls Feature:

  • Pair with wide choice of designer keypads for every application and budget.
  • Multiplex expandability using builtin EZMs in custom alpha keypads or 8-zone expansion modules (most models)
  • Up/downloading, including unique PCpreset unattended method with PCDWINDOWS
  • EZ-Programming mode at keypad
  • Choice of Gemini RF receivers & transmitters
  • Multi-stage lightning protection
  • Event log with open/closes suppression
  • NetLink intranet/internet alarm reporting option
  • X-10 Support with optional GEM-X10 interface
  • Telco line cut supervision
  • Fuseless, maintenance-free operation
  • Support all major communication formats, VOiP (internet) & secondary pager format
  • SIA CP01 compliant versions
  • Transformer, supplied

GEM-P801 Features:

  • 9 Programmable zones: 6 Hardwire or wireless zones plus 2 wireless zones plus 2-wire fire zone
  • Use 2 optional zones at GEMRP8LCD custom alpha keypad
  • For Control packed with RP8LCD Custom Alpha Keypad, order GEM-P801ALPHA
  • For control packed with RP8 Numeric LED Keypad, order GEM-P801
  • Uses GEMRECVXP8 wireless receiver
  • 8 Individually reporting user codes
  • 50 Event log
  • Line and bell-cut supervision
  • Double reporting & backup reporting
  • EZ wire full-size terminal strips

GEM-P801 Control Panel Features:

  • 9 Programmable Zones, including 2-Wire (No Zone Doubling)
  • 6 Hardwire or Wireless Zones plus: 2 Wireless Zones plus 1 2-Wire Fire Zone
  • Supports all Gemini Transmitters using Gemini GEMRECVXP8 Wireless Receiver
  • 8 Individually Reporting User Codes
  • 50 Event Log
  • Windows PC Programmable with PCD-Windows
  • Line- and Bell-Cut Supervision
  • Up/Downloadable Even with Phone Company Answering Service
  • Unique Unattended Downloading
  • All Major Communicator Formats plus Point ID & Pager Format
  • Programmable Telco Line Cut Supervision
  • Fuseless, maintenance-free operation
  • Programmable Bell Cut Supervision
  • Double Reporting & Backup Reporting
  • EZ Wire Full-Size Terminal strips
  • Output: 2A, max. - burglar; 12mA, max. - fire

GEM-P801 Communicator Features:

  • All Major Communicator Formats including, Point ID, Ademco Slow, Radionics Slow/Fast, Silent Knight Fast, Universal High Speed, 4/2, etc.
  • Pager Format
  • Programmable Telco Line Cut Supervision
  • Programmable Bell Cut Supervision
  • Double Reporting & Backup Reporting
  • 8 Individually Reporting User Codes with open/close reporting by user
  • Restoral reporting: AC, Battery, Trouble, Fire
  • Reporting: Low Battery, Opening/closing, conditional closing; system, zone report, tamper, wireless smoke supervisory and low battery

GEM-P801 Choice of Keypads:

GEM-RP8 Numeric Display Keypad with Backlit Keys

  • Wireless signal strength metering

GEM-K800 Numeric Display Keypad

  • As above but with Stay and Away keys.

GEM-RP8LCD Alphanumeric Display Backlit Keypad

  • Deluxe 32 Character 2 Line Display with Alpha Zone Directory
  • 2-Zone Expansion Module Built In
  • Stay and Away ease of use
  • Programmable one-button arm & disarm
  • Wireless signal strength metering
  • Built-in Alpha “Words by number” speed site programming

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