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OpenEye OE3-E240/480 Digital Recorders

Automated Security Corp. - OpenEye-H-264 Digital RecorderOpenEye OE3-E240/480 H.264
Digital Recorders
OpenEye’s E-Series DVR is a powerful, yet affordable, video management solution designed for easy installation and operation.

Specialties:  All OpenEye DVRs come with free RADIUS remote management and viewing software.

  Preconfigured for continuous recording and DDNS, with no additional setup required, the E-Series DVR offers quick search, setup, and backup features. The E-Series DVR runs on an embedded Linux operating system which provides stability and protection from viruses. 

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Key Features

  • Includes Free Multi-Site Management and Monitoring Software
  • One Year Advance Replacement Warranty
  • Configuration Wizard for Quick Setup
  • Remotely Upgradable Firmware
  • Free DDNS for Life of Product
  • 2-Way Audio
  • Remote Health Check and E-mail Notification
  • Easy 3-Click Export of Video to CD/DVD or USB Storage Devices
  • Independent Channel Quality, Resolution and Frame Rate


  • Pre-configured for Continuous Recording


After a crime, who wants to struggle with searching for and exporting video for law enforcement? Simply press the bright red Instant Backup button on the front of your recorder and automatically export the last 30 minutes of video to CD/DVD or USB.

Is there anyone that doesn’t want video that looks better and can be stored longer? H.264 compression not only increases how much video can be stored on a recorder, but it also improves the image quality. Isn’t technology great!

Sometimes an event isn’t just about what you see happening. Get the BIG picture by recording what someone says not just what they do. E-Series recorders come with 4 or 8 channels of audio recording which can be monitored live, played back in searches, and exported with your video to USB or CD/DVD.

Time is money. So why waste it clicking through endless setup menus trying to create a simple recording schedule. With OpenEye’s Quick Setup feature your system is ready to record in just seconds!

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H.264 Embedded Recorder Storage Calculator
The Storage Calculator is compatible with OpenEye H.264 embedded recorders (OE3-E120, OE3-E240, OE3-E480) and will assist you in determining the appropriate disk space and settings for your specific installation. The Calculator uses information based on settings and motion activity in your installation to help determine the best storage size to meet your needs.

OE3 E-Series Backup Viewer Software
View backup data from your Commercial Grade video recorder with this standalone viewer for OpenEye's proprietary file format. Compatible with Commercial Grade recorders only.

RADIUS Multi-Site Software v4.05
The Radius Multi-Site Software takes DVR video monitoring and management to the next level, combining extraordinary video monitoring  power with complete DVR management tools. Radius is able to manage all types of digital video (OpenEye DVRs) and alarms across the network and monitor it from a central location.

Remote Software v4.02.1601
OpenEye Remote is a lightweight remote viewing, search and administration client. Compatible with all OpenEye Professional and Commercial Grade recorders.

The OpenEye E-Series server comes ready for fast and seamless integration within your existing IT infrastructure and offers quick search, setup, and backup features. Designed around Linux Embedded, the E-Series server offers unparalleled stability, security, and ease of use in a 2U chassis. Accordingly, your security investment has never been easier to maintain. Multiple users may connect through any network for simultaneous live viewing, and digital search. This powerful software enables users to establish recording schedules, create motion detection zones, and use PTZ controls on available attached video input devices. With the latest advancements in the E-Series server software, searching and indexing your video archive has never been easier.

All OpenEye DVRs come with free RADIUS remote management and viewing software allowing you to connect to any number of DVRs from virtually anywhere using your PC or laptop. OpenEye’s suite of applications allow you to remotely manage DVR settings and permissions, view live virtual multiplexed video from multiple DVRs on multiple displays, monitor alarm and sensor events remotely, create custom maps of facilities, and search or backup recorded video.

With quick setup, an easy three-click backup, the E-Series DVR offers you a reliable, easy to operate and administer security solution. Remote management of the E-Series has never been easier. Using the RADIUS remote software multiple remote users can view, search and backup data for off-site video storage as well as configure the DVR and perform remote software updates. Built with the quality and expertise users have come to expect from OpenEye, the E-Series is up to the task for your next professional installation.

The OE3 E-Series DVR includes the following features:

  • 4/8/16 Composite Video Input Connectors
  • 4/8/16 Looping Video Outputs
  • Compatible with Color (NTSC or PAL) and B&W Video Sources
  • Multiple Search Methods (Calendar, Event)
  • Records up to 480 NTSC Images Per Second
  • Live Real Time Video Display (480 NTSC Images Per Second / 400 PAL Images Per Second)
  • Auto Termination (75 Ohm) on Looping Outputs
  • Instant Backup
  • Continuous Recording with Disk Overwrite Mode
  • Continuous Recording on Archiving, Transmitting to Remote, and Playback
  • Motion Based Recording Uniquely Configurable for Each Channel
  • Customizable Motion Detection Grids Uniquely Configurable for Each Channel
  • Multiple Recording Modes (Manual / Schedule / Event)
  • Audio (Mono) Recording and Playback
  • 4/8/16 Built in Sensor Inputs (Normally Open or Normally Closed)
  • 4 Built in Relay Outputs (Normally Open or Normally Closed)
  • Remote Access via Ethernet and/or Modem
  • PTZ Camera Control
  • Internal DVD-RW supports CD-RW and DVD-RW media

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