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CSW200UL Commercial Swing Gate Operator

Automated Security Corp. - Chamberlain-Elite CSW200UL Commercial Swing Gate OperatoCSW200UL
Dependable. Durable. Capable. Built for High-Traffic. Engineered for Safety.

Specialties:  Chamberlain-Elite - The Most Reliable Commercial Slide Gate Operators in the Industry.

  The CSW200UL™ models of swing gate operators are the first choice for heavy-traffic applications such as large gated communities, residential developments, commercial complexes and private estates. Unlike other systems, the CSW gate operators are designed with a “non-scissor action” swing arm to greatly reduce the risk of injury. And all models include the safety and reliability of our OmniControl™ board, the most advanced control board in the industry. The CSW200UL™ offers a 1⁄4" thick, unbreakable polyethylene cover for long-lasting protection.

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Featuring the highest quality components and backed by years of proven dependability, each unit is carefully inspected and mechanically tested to provide unsurpassed reliability. Unique engineering innovations in each model also ensure that there’s a CSW to meet practically every swing gate application.

Built-In Radio Receiver
Includes a factory-installed 312HM radio receiver for use with DIP switch, billion code and Security+® remote controls. Allows for one LiftMaster® remote control to conveniently open the gate and additional access points.

Soft Stop
Gate travels through the cycle at normal speed and comes to a stop slowly for more accurate gate cycle. Equipped with integrated time delay for long mechanical life expectancy.

Alarm Reset Button
The alarm reset button will instantly reset the built-in safety alarm siren on all new OmniControl™ operators, allowing normal function without waiting for the alarm status to time out.

Emergency Release
Release handle is standard. Best option is our DC2000™. The gate can be easily disconnected by turning the release handle. To operate the gate manually, pull release handle 180º, then push the gate open.

Wormgear Reducer
A highly efficient, extremely quiet, 30-to-1 wormgear reducer is used.

Reversing Sensor
Instant reversing gate motor(s) uses high-speed ball bearings for a smooth and quiet operation. If the gate is closing and hits a vehicle, the sensor detects the increased load on the motor and reverses. If the gate is opening and hits a vehicle, it stops and reverses.

Modular OmniControl™ Board
The Omni board uses LEDs to indicate all input and output functions of the gate operator and plug-in loop detector technology.

Surge/Lightning Protection
The two-stage hybrid network of surge suppressors protects against lightning strike within a 50-foot radius, capable of handling high power with fast response.

Limit Switch Design
The CSW200UL1HP™ is manufactured with a precision limit switch system. This system uses high-speed ball bearings and high-quality components for efficiency and reliability.

Non-Scissor Action Arm
Most swing gate operator arms will cross and produce a dangerous “scissor” action while opening the gate to a 90° opening. We designed our CSW200UL™ operator arms to not cross, eliminating the scissor action . This feature reduces the risk of injury from the gate operator arm.

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Advanced Safety and Performance Engineering
The OmniControl™ board provides enhanced, reliable performance that meets or exceeds all UL325 and UL991 specifications. Exclusive to Elite™ commercial gate operators, this board ensures the equipment you install includes the latest requirements and most advanced technology in the industry. Additional performance benefits include easy access to all inputs and outputs, solid-state motor control, spike suppressors and integrated safety alarm that put Elite™ commercial gate operators in a class by themselves.

7-Year Warranty
Single Home Application
5-Year Warranty
Commercial Application

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  • 120V AC power
  • 24V DC board
  • Built-in radio receiver
  • Highly efficient, extremely quiet
  • Surge/lightning protection
  • Alarm reset button
  • Weatherproof high-density polyethylene cover
  • Gold zinc-plated chassis eliminates corrosion
  • High-speed precision limit switches
  • Solid steel, machined pulley
  • #41 chain


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