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NEM Series Intercoms

Automated Security Corp. - Aiphone NEM Intercom System NEM Lamp Memory Intercom Systems
Series Available in 10, 20, 30, and 40-Station Sizes with or without Handset

Specialties:  The NEM-20A/C is a 20 channel lamp memory master with handset and built in all call.

The NEM series is a selective calling open voice style intercom system. Masters are available in 10, 20, 30, and 40 station sizes, with optional 20 and 40 call add-on selectors. Maximum capacity is 120 stations. Master stations can be wall or desk mounted.

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LEF Audio Series Intercoms

Automated Security Corp. - Aiphone LEF Hands-Free Audio IntercomsLEF Audio Hands-Free
Selective Call System
Open Voice Intercoms - Access Control Intercom Systems - Audio Door Entry

Specialties:  Flexible Designs for a Variety of Business and Residential Applications

A variety of Open Voice Systems, providing a means for communicating between multiple points to enhance security and convenience.


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TD - H/B Series Intercoms

Automated Security Corp. - Aiphone TD Intercom SystemsTD - H/B Series Intercom Systems
Selective Call Intercom Systems

Specialties: Multi-channel, semi-private system designed for homes, shops and any business application.

The TD-HL series handset intercoms are designed for applications where visual indication of an incoming call is required. The red LED mounted on the top front of the unit lights whenever a station receives a call. The TONE OFF switch at the bottom allows the user to turn the standard call tone on or off at any time. The LED will light regardless of the switch position. Ideal for applications where silent signaling is required, such as radio stations or sound booths.


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