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LEF Audio Series Intercoms

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Selective Call System
Open Voice Intercoms - Access Control Intercom Systems - Audio Door Entry

Specialties:  Flexible Designs for a Variety of Business and Residential Applications

A variety of Open Voice Systems, providing a means for communicating between multiple points to enhance security and convenience.


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Business & Commercial
The LEF system can be designed to meet a wide variety of communication needs, depending on the type of facility and the communication requirements. Any combination of master, sub, and door stations can be intermixed up to the system's capacity. This is an ideal system for Gate / Entry, Repair shops, and many commercial / industrial applications. Where communication and access control is needed at remote locations, the LEF can serve as an electronic security guard, allowing access to authorized people only.


  • Intermixable system with any number of masters and subs to maximum capacity
  • Selective calling, monitoring, and optional All Call
  • 3, 5, and 10-call masters
  • Wide variety of master and sub stations available
  • Push-to-talk at master, hands-free reply at called station
  • Call tone and LED annunciation at master
  • Selective door release(w/ RY-PA per door) on LEF
  • 3L/5/10 Call Masters
  • Video door answering (optional - see p. 38)
  • All Call with LEF-10S and all LEF-C masters
  • (requires BG-10C)


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Intermixable Open Voice System
The LEF system can be designed with a variety of master and sub stations to create the communication system needed. WIth its design flexibility, the LEF can be used for virtually any application.


  • Intermix master stations, subs, and door stations up the maximum capacity. Selective calling from a master station with hands-free reply
  • Call-in from subs and doors activate tone and LED at master(s)
  • Selective door release from LEF-5, 10, 10S
  • Privacy feature prevents evesdropping (al masters and "N" model subs)
  • Variety of sub station models available
  • Communication and call tone volume controls

The LEF-10 is a selective calling open voice style master station with the capacity of up to 11 total stations. The system can be designed to meet a wide variety of needs, including any combination of master and sub stations up to its maximum capacity.

Incoming calls from a sub or door station are annunciated with a momentary electronic mono-tone and an LED, remaining lit for approximately 20 seconds. Communication at the calling master is press-to-talk, release-to-listen. Person at the receiving station speaks hands free. The person at the master station can selectively call and talk with a person at any other sub or master station in the system. The privacy feature on the master and selected subs prevents eavesdropping from the master station. A call can be received, but communication back to the calling master will be heard only after the privacy button is disengaged.

Master stations can be wall or desk mounted. Sub stations are available in surface or flush mount styles, with or without privacy. Outdoor stations are available in surface or flush mount styles. Indoor and outdoor
vandal proof stations are also available.


  • Up to 11 stations
  • Fully intermixable system, including any number of masters and subs up to the maximum capacity
  • LED annunciation and momentary tone from calling sub or door station
  • Push-to-talk at calling master, with hands free communication at responding station
  • Large variety of sub stations, surface or flush mount
  • Video door entry can be integrated
  • Selective monitoring
  • Privacy button to prevent eavesdropping
  • Voice and call tone volume controls
  • Selective door release


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