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EL25 Telephone Entry

Automated Security Corporation - Chamberlain EL25 Telephone Entry Access ControlEL25 Telephone Entry /
Access Control System
The Most Versatile Telephone Entry System for Residential and Light Commercial Applications

Specialties:  Expanded Capacity. Enhanced Versatility.

  The EL25 is beautifully engineered for private residences, yet powerful and adaptable enough to be used in apartment buildings, condo complexes, office parks and commercial sites.

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The EL25 is capable of accepting up to 2,000 totally flexible codes. These codes can be programmed as either directory codes or access codes, making the EL25 ideal for virtually any installation. Unlike other systems, the EL25 may be purchased as a base unit or can be ordered with optional plug-in modules. This allows you to choose only the plug-in modules you need depending on the specifics of the job—enabling you to offer custom solutions right off the shelf without special orders.

Optional modules let you expand the system to fit your specific needs. The Wiegand output module lets you add card readers and remote keypads. Our RF module provides convenient access through gates or doors with Passport™ transmitters. Plus, the system is now designed to automatically detect the addition and location of each new plug-in module, making installation and programming faster and easier than ever before.

Intelligent Features. Built-In Functionality.
Attractive and Durable
Elegant and sophisticated by design, the EL25 features impressive styling to complement even the most upscale properties. One step further, it’s designed to be tough, dependable and vandal-resistant. Available in three fashionable finishes—silver, nickel and gray. For added flexibility, the EL25 can be mounted either horizontally or vertically as the installation requires.

Four Built-In Relays
Four independent relays can be set to activate doors or gates, and can be set to function as strike, control, shunt, alarm or CCTV relays. Additionally, each relay can have an activation time between 1 and 300 seconds.

Simplified Installation
Detachable hinge design lets you mount the unit on the back plate while making your wiring connections.

Simplified Programming
The entire system may be set up and maintained remotely via modem or via a direct connected laptop with the versatile Versa XS™ 2.0 access control programming software. Additionally, the EL25 can be programmed from the main keypad on the front of the unit.

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Exclusive Features
Universal Board
The EL25 and EL2000 share the same main processing board, which makes it that much easier to master the installation and service of both systems.

Remote Access Diagnostics
The EL25 will retain unit alarms within the system event buffer. The unit will record the following alarms—forced door/gate; ajar door/gate—for added security. The EL25 also records unit over voltage and under voltage alarms allowing for simplified troubleshooting of the system.

E-Z Scan
Cards and Passport™ transmitters can be programmed into the EL25 simply by utilizing the card reader or radio receiver installed into one of the plug-in modules.

Voice Prompts
Guides installers through system setup at the unit’s main keypad and provides assistance to end users with the push of a button. (ADA application)

Enhanced Line Noise Tolerance
A new, more robust main board allows the EL25 to be more tolerant of noise associated with the older telephone company equipment, providing a better connection to the unit via modem.

Legacy Database Conversion
Replacing an existing Sentex® Telephone Entry System is a snap with Versa XS™ 2.0 software. Transfer any information retained in your existing Sentex® software database to Versa with the click of your mouse.

Do Not Disturb
Assignable on a tenant-by-tenant basis, this may be programmed through a touch-tone phone or via a pre-programmed time schedule.

Call Forwarding
Allows each tenant to grant or deny access from a remote location. Feature may be set manually or via a pre-programmed time schedule.

1-Year Warranty

Standard Features
Call Waiting
Allows a person to answer a call from the gate or door while in the middle of another outside call.

Recessed, Lighted, ADA Applicable Keypad
Illuminated keys with help button assistance to audibly announce the next key press on the keypad.

Auto Sensor Input
May be set to automatically dial the residence when a vehicle approaches the property.

Non-Volatile Memory
In the event of a power outage, the database information will be retained in memory.

Daylight Savings/Leap Year
May be set up to automatically adjust for seasonal and annual time changes.

Call Button
Separate user-friendly push button initiates a phone call to the resident or tenant.

Distinctive Ringing
Provides a unique double ring on the system’s main telephone line to distinguish between a standard phone call and a visitor request call.

Entry Codes
Programmable codes can be time-restricted or established as one-time-use only.

Holiday Programming
Up to 16 separate holidays can be defined to override the standard lock/unlock schedules.

Time Zones
Up to 62 different time zones with three segments each can be created for access/no access schedules.

Timed anti-passback waits for a pre-programmed period of time to elapse before the code or card can be reused. True anti-passback requires use of an exit reader before entering again.

Security Lockout
Locks out all users for a programmable period of time if several invalid code attempts are made. Alarm can be set to activate if the gate or door is held open or forced open.

Automatic Gate/Door Unlock Schedule
Entry points may be configured to automatically open or lock at set time periods.

Transaction Monitoring
A minimum of 4,000 transactions are stored in the unit including date, time, unit ID and transaction.

Activity Reports
Property managers have the ability to print database, system and history reports.

Remote Updates
Firmware updates and upgrades may be made via a remote computer and a modem connection.

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