Who We Are

Who is Automated Security
Automated Security is a security integration company focusing in security technology for commercial and industrial businesses. Founded in 1998 by James DelSordo, Jr., Automated Security began as a security service company in the self storage industry. Starting out with repairing gates, the company began to expand into other security equipment as business grew. From its humble beginnings in the Chester County area of Pennsylvania, its service territory soon expanded beyond Pennsylvania and into the mid-Atlantic region of the US. Automated Security's growing customer base included a few large national real estate operators as well as several local and regional self storage facilities. Eventually, the ability to service customers across the entire country began to increase. Then, in 2018, a long standing customer relationship with PFG Capital evolved into an official partnership with the acquisition of Automated Security by one of PFG Capital's subsidiary companies, PFG Construction, LLC. Since the acquisition, Automated Security has continued to grow and expand its national footprint and is now able to perform all of its services for any sized project across the entire nation. We work with small local facilities as well as large national publicly traded facilities and anything in between.