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Gemini P1632

Automated Security Corp. - Gemini P1632 Burglar Alarm SystemGemini P1632
Ultra-Popular Hardwire/Wireless Control Panel With Partitioning

Specialties:  Easy to standardize for both residential & light commercial applications. All-around 8 zone hybrid control, expandable to 32 zones or 48 wireless points.

  Napco’s Gemini GEM-P1632 is a state-of-the-art microcomputer-based burglary and residential fire alarm control panel of modular design. Integrally an 8-zone panel, it will support up to 32 zones with the use of zone doubling, optional zone expansion modules, wireless receiver modules and/or GEM-RP1CAe2/GEM-K1CA Keypads. Each panel includes an integral digital communicator.

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The control panel features programmable area partitioning. That is, the system may be divided into up to two discrete
multiple-zone areas, each allowing access by only those users programmed for their respective area.

Opening Suppression and Closing Suppression, available through Napco Quickloader software, suppress reporting within programmed windows. Conversely, Exception Reporting can transmit a fail to close if the panel is not armed within programmed intervals and, similarly, a fail to open if the panel is not disarmed within programmed intervals. Furthermore, the panel can be programmed to automatically arm either area at any time. A log containing up to 400 events (accessible through Quickloader™ software) monitors control-panel activity referenced to a precision real-time clock. A detailed event history may be displayed at the computer, using Napco's PCD-Windows Quickloader Software.

Keypads feature a liquid-crystal display for messages. In normal use, the LCD shows zone identification and status messages. Conventional LEDs and a sounder are also provided for annunciation.

Data may be quickly and easily downloaded to the control panel using a PC-compatible computer with Napco’s PCDWindows Quickloader software and PCI2000 computer interface. Or, the panel may be programmed using the keypad in its secondary mode of operation. In the keypad programming modes (there are two: Dealer and User), the LCD shows memory address, data values, programming prompts, and the alphanumeric characters required for entering up to 32 user codes and custom zone descriptions.

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All Gemini Hybrid Controls Feature:

  • Pair with wide choice of designer keypads for every application and budget.
  • Multiplex expandability using builtin EZMs in custom alpha keypads or 8-zone expansion modules (most models)
  • Up/downloading, including unique PCpreset unattended method with PCDWINDOWS
  • EZ-Programming mode at keypad
  • Choice of Gemini RF receivers & transmitters
  • Multi-stage lightning protection
  • Event log with open/closes suppression
  • NetLink intranet/internet alarm reporting option
  • X-10 Support with optional GEM-X10 interface
  • Telco line cut supervision
  • Fuseless, maintenance-free operation
  • Support all major communication formats, VOiP (internet) & secondary pager format
  • SIA CP01 compliant versions
  • Transformer, supplied

GEM-P1632 Features:

  • 8 to 32 hardwire zones/points
  • Including 2 2-wire fire zones (7;8)
  • EZ programming at keypad
  • Up to 32 user codes
  • Up to 2 areas
  • Supports up to 7 keypads
  • 3 On-board relay outputs; expandable to 8 relay outputs
  • Up to 2 RF receivers
  • Interior bypass groups
  • Up to 8 X10 devices supported for 16 different events
  • 400 Event log
  • Auto arm

GEM-P1632 Control Panel Features:

  • Eight end-of-line-resistor burglary zones programmable for Area (expandable to sixteen end-of-line resistors with zone doubling), Exit/Entry Delay, Interior (Stay) Bypass, Exit/Entry Follower, Day Zone, Chime, Fire options, Swinger Shutdown, Zone Anding and a variety of other features.
  • Supports up to 32 zones with optional zone-expansion modules, wireless receiver modules and 4-zone keypads.
  • Supports up to 32 individually coded users.
  • Supports three outputs (Bell, PGM1 and PGM2) and up to 8 external relay outputs (using Relay Module RB3008, RM3008 or the GEM-OUT8. See Relay Control in glossary for more information).
  • Supports three keypad panics: Fire, Police & Auxiliary
  • Supports two independent area partitions.
  • Supports up to seven separate access stations (keypads) by up to 32 users.
  • Supports up to 8 separately-addressable X-10 devices with the GEM-X10 KIT and PC04 interfaces.
  • English-language prompts & system status messages.
  • User-customized zone descriptions, re-programmable as required.
  • Supports 2-wire and 4-wire smoke detectors.
  • Reports alarms, restores and troubles by zone.
  • 400 Event Log.
  • Two programmable entry delay times.
  • One Interior Zone Group
  • Dynamic battery test interrupts charging and places battery under load every four hours.
  • Chime by zone; programmable duration.
  • Quickloader programmable.
  • 2 PGM outputs.
  • Supports Gemini Wireless Devices

GEM-P1632 Communicator Features:

  • Compatible with all major receiver formats, including 4/2, SIA and Point ID (except Radionics Modem II).
  • Rotary dial and TouchTone™ with Rotary backup.
  • Three 20-digit telephone numbers.
  • Backup Reporting; Double Reporting; Split Reporting.
  • 32 User Codes with Opening/Closing -Reporting by user.
  • AC Failure Reporting with programmable report delay.
  • Supervised telephone line with a fixed 60 second delay.
  • Pager Capability.

GEM-P1632 Keypad Features:

  • English-language LCD display; LED and sounder annunciators.
  • Supports up to seven 4-wire keypads.
  • Provisions for fire, police and auxiliary panic alarms.
  • Integral 4-zone EZM included in each keypad (GEM-RP1CAe2/GEM-K1CA only).
  • Fault-Find diagnostics simplify troubleshooting.

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