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iSee Video

Automated Security Corp. - iSee Video Surveillance DisplaysiSee Video
Quickly and Easily Put Your Premises Online

Specialties:  View live video on your PC or cellphone and see what’s going on in your business anytime, anywhere.

   Easy plug and play installs. - No software applications to install on computer or web enabled cellphone. Supports all brands and browsers.

Automated Security Corporation
Provides Expert Custom Installation & Maintenance.

iSee Video Features:

  • Protect valuable equipment.
  • Keep tabs on employee safety and sanitary procedures in restaurants, like being in two places at once.
  • Video is time and date stamped, essential for use as evidence.
  • Allows you to watch over cash registers and view quality of customer service.
  • Visually verify and record who enters sensitive areas and what they do there (e.g. HIPAA compliance).

Dependable, proprietary firewall-penetrating technology ensures all consumers can view their video even on PCs within high-security firewall networks.

Video is password protected and archived on the server we provide for you to customize and send them to. Get email-alerts when events occur.

Pixel-based motion detection with adjustable sensitivity triggers video recording and emailed notifications when motion is detected in a specific area.

Automated Security Corp. - iSee Video Surveillance Displayed on Laptop

iSee Video Benefits

  • Watch suspicious elements on your premises and gather evidence against shoplifting and burglary.
  • Monitor customer traffic remotely – great to see the effectiveness of sales and to reduce labor costs.
  • Visible cameras reduce crime before it happens.
  • Employees and customers feel safer at night, walking through parking lots or working alone.
  • Monitor critical dials, read-outs and guages remotely.
Automated Security Corp. - iSee Video Surveillance Displayed on Apple's iPhone

iSee Video Monitoring

  • Presence of cameras discourage employee theft.
  • Monitor live or recorded video of openings and closings.
  • Keep track of loading dock deliveries and monitor stockrooms.
  • Video evidence is kept off-premises and safe from employee tampering.
  • Have video of workers’ injuries to prevent others to to be used as evidence.
  • Check up on cleaning services.

iSee Video Alarm System Integration

  • Verify alarms with video of the event.
  • Confi rm proper use of your lock box, drop box or safe.
  • Store recorded video and/or receive email notifi cations when someone opens a sensitive door or cabinet, securing items like drugs or client and patient records.
  • Video guard tours, live or scheduled. If the room is dark you can even turn on the lights.

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Automated Security Corporation
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Watch the Savings Mount

  • Retrofits with any existing cameras.
  • No dedicated phone or computer line needed.
  • Generous 50mb storage with more available as you need it.
  • Save time and travel expense retrieving and reviewing VHS surveillance tapes. A485B Vista, XP, Mac OS, Unix, iPhone, Raxr and LG are trademarks of their respective companies.

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